Open Event Data Monitoring, May 2024

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Events play an important role in the public life of a society. Timely provision of accurate information about upcoming events to potential target audiences plays a key role in bringing people together for purposeful activities.’s Open Event Data Working Group therefore works towards the automatization of the data transfer among event data platforms and the establishment of a culture of sharing and data reuse. In order to lead this change and to track progress, we have set up a monitoring.

We are happy to publish the first version of our Open Event Data Monitoring, based on principles 1-3 of the Open Event Data Manifesto (Version 1.0). For the time being, the monitoring focuses on those aspects that have been agreed between the Regional Cultural Agendas in Switzerland and Switzerland Tourism in December 2023: the free sharing of data among event platforms based on the Open Data Principle as a first step towards the implementation of the Once Only Principle (see blog post in German / French). 

Open Event Data Monitoring, May 2024

To assess the conformity of the various event data platforms based on objective criteria, the principles of the Open Event Data Manifesto have been operationalized. Detailed information about the assessment criteria can be found here. If you spot any errors in the assessment or if you would like us to include your platform in future assessments, please let us know.

As this first assessment shows, there are still some steps to be taken in order to reach full conformity with the principles. During this year’s Workshop Day of the Cultural Agendas in Switzerland (6 May 2024), there has been general agreement among the participants that they will work towards full conformity with principles 1-3 by the end of 2024. For this purpose, it will be useful to share sample implementations of the various principles and to agree on a set of best practices.

Over the coming months, the monitoring will be further developed, so as to include a wider range of cultural agendas as well as principles 4 and 5 of the manifesto.