Open Event Data Working Group

Our Mission

Events play an important role in the public life of a society. Timely provision of accurate information about upcoming events to potential target audiences is key to bringing people together for purposeful activities. Ensuring the visibility of events and availability of event data in the digital space has therefore become a major preoccupation of producers and organizers of events in the digital age.

Our mission has been expressed in the form of the Open Event Data Manifesto. It sets out the basic principles for our activities, highlighting the importance of making event data openly available to everyone. Together, we work towards the implementation of these principles.

International Network

We coordinate our activities with the international network of stakeholders in the performing arts committed to implementing open data strategies and to collaborating around shared data ecosystems. Some of the key focal points of these multilateral efforts are:

Get Involved

Our working group is part of the association, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. We furthermore engage in political lobbying, responding to consultations and advocating in favor of open data / open culture.

The Open Event Data Working Group is international in scope. We regularly hold online workshops. Participants from any country are welcome.

To join the Open Event Data Working Group, simply fill in the application form on our membership page – we would love to have you with us. Your participation matters, and we are eager to include everyone interested in shaping the future of event data accessibility. An overview of our current institutional members can be found on our network page.

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