is a registered non-profit association. The current statutes of, the protocols of past general assemblies and the list of collective members are available online.

If you are wondering what is up to, our project overview and annual plan 2022 give you an insight into our current activities. Furthermore, we publish annual reports since 2019. Membership

We are happy that you are considering to become a member of Your membership helps to strengthen open data, transparency and collaboration in Switzerland.

The annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Pupils/students as individual members: 20 CHF
  • Natural persons (“individual members”): 60 CHF
  • Legal entities (“collective members”): 450 CHF
  • Friends of OpenGLAM (see registration area below)

Friends of OpenGLAM

If you want to specifically support the concerns of the OpenGLAM working group can become members of the “Friends of OpenGLAM” network in addition to the association membership. Members of the “Friends of OpenGLAM” network are automatically members of the association. 90% of their membership fee directly benefits the projects of the OpenGLAM CH working group and 10% goes into the general association fund.

In this case the annual membership fees are:

  • for pupils/students as “Friends of OpenGLAM, individual member”: 20 CHF
  • for natural persons (“Friends of OpenGLAM, individual member”): 60 CHF
  • for smaller organization / institution with less than 25 FTE (“Friends of OpenGLAM, collective member small”): min. 1000 CHF
  • for larger organization / institution with at least 25 FTE (“Friends of OpenGLAM, collective member large”): at least 2000 CHF