Nikki Böhler

“Securing a sustainable digitalisation through well informed, engaged and collaborative society.”
Nikki has set up diverse initiatives such as the Social Business Club at the University of St. Gallen to raise students’ social awareness, a mentoring program for cooperative startups called CoopStarter and the online Hackathon and Incubator against Covid-19 “VersusVirus”. For her, strengthening transparency, digital empowerment and participation in Switzerland are at the heart of

Maud Chatelet

Community & Events Manager
“I am convinced that the challenges society faces today will only find their resolution through radical openness and intensive collaboration. We need a collaborative New Deal.”
Maud is an architect and a teacher in Art and Architecture, she is the founder of, an NGO dedicated to sharing practical knowledge for sustainable development.

Andrea Allemann

Community & Events Manager
Andrea is an event manager and community builder who loves creating meaningful experiences and bringing people together. With a strong background in cultural management she spends her time curating exhibitions, organizing festivals and workshops, and learning new things.

Lena Mourad

Project Lead Data Café
“Learning to understand to be in a position to participate, discuss and shape.”
Lena Mourad studies economics at the University of Zurich and has a strong interest in data analysis. She is convinced that we all need a basic understanding of the opportunities and threats that are associated with data in modern society.

Florin Hasler

Program Lead Advocacy & Prototype Fund
“Fostering open technologies by and for the people”
Born and raised in Liechtenstein, Florin has been supporting government agencies, NGOs, parties and startups in making their message heard in the political and public sphere. In his spare time, he co-organizes Züri schenkt, a donation campaign for refugees and Kino im Kocher, a free open air cinema in Bern.

Darienne Hunziker

Project Management Events & Community
“Creating safe and creative spaces where people can grow and make mistakes”
Darienne is a spoken word poet gone development economist gone community creator. Among many other things she’s founded Poetry Slam in Mexico, has worked with homeless youth and founded in 2016, a Women’s Organisation called Vulva Alpha. She cares deeply about inequality, access to resources and empowerment – and is excited about Opendata’s role in this endeavour.

Daniel Haltmeier

Project Management Data Café
“Help people understand the benefits of protecting data to make cyberspace safer for everyone.
Daniel is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Affairs with a major in Global Security at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. He focuses on security policy aspects of new technologies and cybersecurity. For him, the central element of cybersecurity and therefore also the biggest weak point in it is the user. He is convinced that an adequate understanding of the benefits and threats related to data by every user of the cyberspace is indispensable to make cyber more secure.

Niklas Limacher

Project Management Events & Community
“With increasingly effective tools for widespread disinformation, how do we build and maintain healthy open societies in the 21st century?”
During his studies in Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science, Niklas learned about the threats and opportunities of global AI adoption. He is currently deeply passionate about the potential of civic tech to counter information warfare and computational propaganda.