was founded in 2011 and has since been committed to strengthening transparency, participation and innovation in Switzerland. We are a registered non-profit association. Our statutes and strategy papers are available online.

If you are wondering what we are up to, our project overview gives you an insight into our current activities. Furthermore, we publish annual reports since 2019.


We want to live in an open, innovative and fair society. We want to empower people with open data and open knowledge to work together towards this common goal and collectively shape digital transformation by:

  • strengthening free and unhindered access for all to data not requiring special protection, to all kinds of information and to open knowledge;
  • promoting transparency, self-determination, sustainability and cooperation;
  • providing exchange and networking platforms for ideas from the public and interdisciplinary collaborations for the purpose of public good innovation;
  • supporting open and non-profit pilot projects of an interdisciplinary nature;
  • providing information about the opportunities and risks of digitalization; and
  • empowering all population groups to independently understand and responsibly handle data.

Fields of Activities

Our activities cover the whole circle of digital participation, including three key stages:

  • Data Literacy & Competency: We strengthen the understanding of data and the skills to work with data among the general public.
  • Data Access & Accessibility: We improve access and accessibility to data that does not require protection, whenever possible with an open by default standard.
  • Civic Engagement: We enable people from all walks of life to shape our (digital) future based on an open, collaborative and interdisciplinary mindset.