Prototype Fund

We create experimental spaces for innovations that serve the public good in Switzerland. The Prototype Fund supports you in solving societal problems with open source projects.

The problem

Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, GiveDirectly: technological tools can solve societal problems. But in Switzerland there’s a lack of experimental spaces and often private and public funding to create innovative solutions. Teams working on ideas for the common good based on open data and open source often lack time and resources and thus don’t succeed in getting their solutions off the ground. Furthermore, the tech sector lacks diversity.

The solution

We aim to support interdisciplinary project teams that are working towards a fair, free, and open future to bring their digital solutions to the next level. With a comprehensive support program and a grant of up to CHF 100.000, we enable interdisciplinary teams of software developers, hackers, data journalists, creatives and political activists to realise their tech idea, from the concept to the first demo. You and your team can code and develop innovative open source prototypes during a period of six months. Additionally, you will receive coaching, consulting and networking opportunities with tech and other communities.

Get engaged

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The Prototype Fund Switzerland is a joint initiative by and Mercator Foundation Switzerland.