Thank you, Oleg!

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Oleg (bottom row, 2nd from left) at the Hackday in Bern, 2012

Oleg embarked on this adventure with us as part of our board back in 2012. His initial plan was to stay on for 2 years. But oh, how time flies when you’re passionate about open data and fast forward more than 10 years he is still with us! Oleg’s dedication has been unwavering. For more than a decade, he’s been a true open data activist. And the hackathons? Well, they’re practically his second home.

Although it’s sad to see him leaving our board, Oleg isn’t going anywhere. He will continue contributing to our projects, and be a helping hand, but is transitioning to our advisory board, where his knowledge and enthusiasm will continue to help shape our platform, fuel our hackathons, and inspire us all.

Thank you, Oleg, for your tireless commitment. Here’s to many more years of collaboration! 🥂🥳

Oleg (middle) at the GovTech Hackathon 2024