Due to the circumstances, the Smart city Lab will take place on November 13 & 14, 2020.
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Do you want to work towards smarter cities?
Take part in the Smart City Lab and
develop new solutions in interdisciplinary teams within 32 hours!

Where: Lenzburg
When: November 13 & 14, 2020



(Hier findest du eine deutsche Version der Veranstaltung.)

In the past few months more than 30 experts from science and business have been working on problems of the city of Lenzburg in the areas of mobility, payment systems, energy / environment and data, developing generic and scalable solutions, the results will be presented in  May 2021 during the Citelligent Symposium in Lenzburg.

The Smart City Lab Lenzburg is a hackathon harnessing ideas and support from the community to develop projects for a smart, sustainable community life in the city of Lenzburg .

Experience proves that Hackathons make a valuable contribution to the development of new solutions for complex problems. By bringing all the actors of the field as well as designers, programmers, data analysts, students and creative minds in general together in a collaborative process, great ideas bloom and prototypes come to life.

Let’s build a sustainable and smarter city together

“Collaboration and open data are the fundamental conditions for implementing the Energy Strategy 2050” Martin Hertach, Federal Office of Energy

Why Smart City Lab?

How can I participate?

 What’s the Plan? 

Why should I participate?

What are the project ideas & datasets?

Frequently Asked Questions

Organization and Sponsorship


Why Smart City Lab?

Digitalization, which has already fundamentally changed many industries in recent years, is only just beginning in cities. We want to harness the potential of optimization of flows and processes in those complex environments to create the city of the future!

Companies, institutions and public infrastructures are generating large amounts of data that are only partially used or not used at all. A better use of idle data for new services and analyses is in the interest of those organizations, but above all in the interest of the citizens and of society. Within the framework of the Smart City Lab, a whole range of actors in the context of the city of Lenzburg will provide data for the development of creative ideas and initial prototypes. 

How can I participate? 

The Smart City Lab is open to any interested person. Our goal is to bring together interdisciplinary teams in which software developers, designers, scientists, analysts and ideators work together to develop new solutions.

Register here

If you would like to become a partner of this event as a data supplier or take part with a challenge, please contact us at info@opendata.ch.

What’s the plan?

Friday, November 2020
09:30 Reception
10:00 Presentations of project ideas & challenges
11:00 Team composition
11:30 Collaborative project development

Saturday, November 2020
15:00 Final presentation of the results
Followed by a farewell drink

The event will take place in the beautiful Aula of the Bleicherain School in Lenzburg. Catering will be provided. Those who would want to work through the night should bring their own sleeping bag and mat. 


Why should I participate?

The exciting challenges are what motivated me most. I felt that i’ll have the chance to be creative and to meet people from other branches and points of view. And so it was. Reaching for a meaningful goal, the interdisciplinary exchange and the super spirit – it totally fulfilled my expectations!

– Expand your network with diverse contacts from the scene
– Work with like-minded people on a project idea that is close to your purpose
– Learn more about new developments in the Smart City sector
– Be part of the common effort against climate change
– Present a project idea and motivate the experts to develop it further with you
– Perhaps get support for the further development of your project

* We are very much encouraging women to take part: it would be a pity to miss out on your valuable insights.

Project ideas & data

You will find here an overview of the challenges already submitted.
You can also find here the various open data sets as they’ll be released, collected and processed for the Smart City Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does my participation to the Smart City Lab cost?

The Smart City Lab is free thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Food (including breakfast), electricity/ basic workplace infrastructure and internet are also provided.

 Do I need a project idea or a team to participate?

No, it is possible to come with an idea or team, but not necessary. At the beginning of the hackathon different project ideas and challenges will be presented. You can work on the project idea that inspires you the most. 

Is the Smart City Lab only for developers?

No, the Hackdays are not only aimed at developers*, but also at designers*, energy specialists*, journalists*, lateral thinkers* & makers*. Please register here.

Do I have to stay on site for 32 hours?

No, that’s not necessary either. It is important that you contribute to the success of your chosen project and discuss with your team when and where you work.

What is the official language?

English! In the groups, feel free to adapt to your preferences.

What do I need to bring along?

Most important: don’t forget your laptop. You may also want to bring your notebook, pens and possibly a sleeping bag. However, we will provide you with a basic supply of material, such as papers, flipcharts, post-its, food and drinks. 

What happens afterwards?

We aim to achieve a long-term and sustainable impact with the Smart City Lab projects being created. Accordingly, the partner organisations are happy to continue to support and promote promising projects and results the best they can.

The Smart City Lab results remain in the possession of the team

We abide by the hackcodeofconduct.org


Organization & Sponsorship

The Smart City Lab is an initiative of the City of Lenzburg, Citelligent – Savisio, Zunkunftsregion Argovia, Zetamind and the Swiss association Opendata.ch.

The Smart City Lab is made possible by:

City of Lenzburg  Citelligent – Savisio,

 If you would like to support the event as an energy data supplier or as a financial or communication partner, please contact us at info@opendata.ch.