Tuesday the 23rd of June 2020, Online

We are excited to announce the Forum: Together we will explore New Data Narratives, diving in deep collaborative work, and aiming high!

For the first time, the forum will take place online. is the leading Swiss conference on the subject of open data. For its 10th edition, we invite you to join us for a swiss-wide exchange on new data narratives. We will welcome 200 representatives from research, business, administration, politics, journalism, IT, and other fields.

Using an innovating collaborative decision framework, we will imagine how society should collect, protect, and use data for the common good.

Do you want to reflect and formulate a vision for the future of data in Switzerland? Join us!

What does the program look like?

How do I enter a data vision?

How do I apply to give a hyper talk?

What is the Open Data Student Award, and how can I apply?

How can I support the forum?

Where will the forum take place?

How much does the forum cost?

Who is supporting the forum?


What does the program look like?

The program is subject to change.

08:30 Good Morning Coffee
09:00  Introduction to the Forum
09:10 Welcome from Andreas Kellerhals, President
09:20 Keynote: Introduction to Open Data
09:40 Presenting Data Visions
The visions around which you will work for the whole day will be presented by vision holders. The visions will focus on the following four topics:
Daten schützen – Protecting Data
Daten öffnen – Opening Data
Datenqualität – Quality of Data
Datennutzung – Use of Data
If you have a vision that you would like to discuss please submit it via the following form until June 13:!/forms/5eb26dcc0a30660004a6cd21
10:00  Break and Team Building
10:10 Workshop 1: Owning Data Visions
Working in groups, you will develop visions and scenarios for the future of open data. 
10:55 Break
11:05 Presenting Visions and Measuring Resistance
The visions will be presented by a member of each team. Afterward, we will measure the resistance in the community. Which visions should we strive for? How can the presented visions be improved?
12:05 Lunch Break
13:05 Workshop 2: Defining Action points
How can we reach the proposed visions? What actions can we take today to be one step closer tomorrow? In this workshop, you will develop action points and help us move one step closer to the future we want to live in.
14:00 Keynote 
14:15 Break
14:25 Presentation of Open Data Student Award
We will award the best open data student project with this year’s award.Do you have a project you want to enter? Please check out the information below. 
14:45 Hyper Talks: Open Data Success Stories
Five people will present their open data success stories in just two minutes. Do you have a story you want to share? Or did you have to abandon a project because the data is missing? Or because the data didn’t have the quality you needed? Please apply to give a hyper talk via the following link:!/forms/5eb3d79fe132730004694d5d
15:05  Break
15:20 Keynote
15:35 Voting on Action Points
The action points developed during the last workshop will be presented and there will be a vote on the Action Points the teams think are the most important.
16:05 Closing
16:15 Apero Roulette

How do I enter a data vision?

We are looking for data visions, but what do we mean by when we say data vision? Think about the future, what should it look like? Optimistically, what will the data policy look like in five or then years? What do you want it to be like? Think about it and write it down. Our four main subjects of the forum have been defined at the Opendata/2019 Forum, they are:

Daten schützen – Protecting Data
Daten öffnen – Opening Data
Datenqualität – Quality of Data
Datennutzung – Use of Data

Your vision should fit into one or more of those four subjects. It should be a positive outlook on the future. Don’t hold back. Let your mind run wild. We will publish the submitted visions here, once they reach us.

You can enter your vision by using the following form:!/forms/5eb26dcc0a30660004a6cd21

If you have any questions about the process, please send an email to

How do I apply to give a hyper talk?

Hyper talks are very, very, very short talks of two minutes each. We have space for five success stories about open data. A success story is what you want it to be. A data set that has been used countless times. A data set you discovered that changed your research. An app based on OGD. These are all successes, and there are many other forms of success.

If you don’t have a success story, but rather a fail story there might be space for you too. This platform might help you turn the failure into a success.

Please use the following form to apply:!/forms/5eb3d79fe132730004694d5d

If you have any questions about the process, please send an email to

What is the Open Data Student Award and how can I apply?

The Open Data Student Award is awarded every year to the student work that uses open data in an exemplary way. The result can either be a paper or an application. All entries must be by students from a Swiss university.  To enter your project please send a One Pager (incl. images) together with your paper or app until June 7 to The winner will receive CHF 1000.

You can find all information in German in this pdf:

Download (PDF, 188KB)

Get inspired by the winners and submissions of 2019 and 2018.

How can I support the forum?

  • Tell your network about the event.
  • Would you like to be a volunteer at the conference? Please contact us via, we are very appreciative of your help
  • Buy an “Open Data Super Supporter Ticket” to support the forum and the community.
  • Become a partner and support the forum financially: Please contact to receive further information.

Where will the forum take place?

This year’s Forum will take place online. We will send you the link to the tool we’ll be using one week before the event. We will try to create as many meaningful encounters during the event as possible.


How much will the forum cost?

Due to this being an online event we have reworked our ticketing prices. The ticket prices help us cover the cost of organizing the forum, our working hours, as well as the technical infrastructure and support.

  • Ticket: 50.-
  • “Open Data Supporter” Ticket:100.-
  • “Open Data Super Supporter” Ticket: 150.-
  • Ticket + New Membership: 90.-
  • Ticket for Members: 30.-
  • Student Ticket: 10.-
  • Student “Open Data Supporter” Ticket: 30.-
  • Student “Open Data Super Supporter” Ticket: 80.-



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