Welcomes and See You Soons

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On 7 March, we held our annual general assembly: six members stepped down after years (in some cases even a decade) of serving on our board: Andreas Amsler, Hannes Gassert, André Golliez, Rahel Ryf, Matthias Stürmer and Christian Trachsel. We are infinitely grateful for their contribution to introducing and advancing open data in Switzerland and are pleased that most of them will transition into our soon-to-be-founded Advisory Council. ❤️ 

At the same time, we are happy to count on the continuous support of Andreas Kellerhals, Mario Cacciatore, Beat Estermann and Oleg Lavrovsky as well as to welcome five new members: Clara Esteve, Andrina Frey, Juan Pablo Lovato, Andrea Scheller and Anne Wegmann. We are looking forward to shaping the next generation of Open Knowledge in Switzerland with them.

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