ODCH twenty-twenty-one: failing joyfully forward

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Being a small organisation with a big mission can be daunting. Luckily, we have our incredible board, network, members and little team to manage all those challenges and continue to kick ass! (Pardon, I meant of course roundhouse kick ass).

Holding that attitude, we felt, turning a whole decade is worth turning things up a few notches.

So we invested lots of hours, sweat, some tears but luckily no blood (as far as we know), to produce a shiny, colourful, visual, comprehensive yearly report 2021 (thank you, canva).

Have a look here – tell us what you think!

Also, since we’re now holding proudly the double digits in our age – we’re also celebrating dutifully during our Annual Forum (pssst, the topic is “Open Knowledge – What’s Next”) opendata.ch/2022 – stay tuned.

If you’re wondering how you can support opendata.ch, just drop me an email and we can have a chat.