Data Café

An awareness campaign to promote understanding of the value of data and help people to understand, protect and use data.

The problem

Many people are not aware of the value, opportunities and threats of collecting and analyzing data. This results in a lack of involvement in the public discourse on data governance and rules as well as in a lack of co-creation of today’s data-driven transformation of our societies.

The solution

We aim to strengthen the understanding of data and the skills to work with data in the broader public by developing and conducting campaigns targeting people who are not inherently interested in the topic of data. At the Data Café you can pay for your coffee with your personal data – a deal that you most likely make every day online. This offer is part of an awareness campaign that promotes a reflective understanding of the value of data in modern society. You can find us at several different locations around Switzerland over the next months (see events) and watch our video trailer on Vimeo

Get engaged

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The Data Café is enabled by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.