Get ready for the Open Tourism Data Hackday

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On the 27. – 28. October 2017 we are hosting a hackathon in Arosa on the topic of innovation in and the future of tourism. Please visit for more info.

To get prepared, take a look through presentations from the last conference, where the event was announced, notably the keynote by Pascal Jenny (@TDkonge) – Wie der Schweizer Bergtourismus von Open Data profitieren kann (PDF), and the Open Tourism & Transport Datatrack:

– Christian Trachsel: Herausforderungen, Ziele & Zukunft mit Open Data bei SBB
– Christian Helbling: Transport API
– Stefan Keller: Nutzung von OpenStreetMap für Tourismus und Transport1
– Andreas Liebrich: OpenData im Tourismus: (Un-)genutztes Potenzial bis à go go?

A couple of projects can already be found on the old wiki, and there is at least one interesting initiative to check out in the Open Knowledge and School of Data network: the Belgian Open Tourism working group.

We are working on preparing platforms and resources, and a workshop along the lines of what we did in January has been suggested. Please give me a shout if you’re interested in supporting or participating.