#associationupdate Get to Know our Annual Plan 2021

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As initiated last year we published again our annual plan in order show what we’re working on, what we aim to achieve and to help you – our community – to get involved. We’re more than happy to hear your feedback and learn how we might improve accessibility and comprehension.

Open Annual Plan 2020

Our annual plan 2021 was set up as an Open Google Sheet on January 19. Within this document you can find:

  • one tab called [original (19.1.21)] to which we won’t apply any more changes during the year and
  • one tab [living] that we will continuously update and complement.

Alternatively, you can find the annual overview above as jpeg (status: 19.01.2021). If you want the document in another format or provide us with feedback, reach out to us via info@opendata.ch .