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16.06.2023, 9:00 – 16:30 @ Karl der Grosse, Zürich, Tickets: CHF 70 – 200 is Switzerland’s leading conference on open data and open knowledge. On June 16th 2023, we’ll meet for a day of inspiration, innovation, and networking – it will be our 13th conference. Experts from research, business, government, politics, journalism and civil society join us to discuss the impact of open data and knowledge on transforming our world for the better. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from top speakers from Switzerland and abroad and to network with like-minded individuals.

Tickets (70 CHF – 200 CHF) can be purchased here (early bird until 15 May) (Lunch, Apéro and snacks are included)

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Language: English

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Speakers and Presentations

Presentation slides are linked in the (Format) below.

Jacqueline Fehr

Government Council, Kanton of Zurich

Greeting (Text)

Jürg Wüst

Federal Chancellery, DTI Sector

The Swiss Data Ecosystem (Presentation)

Fabian Ligibel


Open and Collaborative Consultation Procedures (Workshop)

Emilie Boillat

Energy Data Working Group

Plan E: Open Energy Data and Innovation (Workshop)

Matthias Stürmer

Institute for Public Sector Transformation, BFH

The Impact of Open Government Data (Presentation)

Fernanda Campagnucci

Open Knowledge Brazil

International Panel on (Open) Data Policy | Querido Diário: Open Government Gazettes in Brazil (Presentation)

Maik Roth & Florin Hasler

OGD Office, Federal Statistical Office &

Mapping the Impact of Open Government Data – OGD Masterplan (Workshop)

André Golliez (Moderator)

HSLU / Zetamind

International Panel on (Open) Data Policy

Andreas Kellerhals

Introduction (Text)

Jim Chuchu

International Inventories Programme

Their Ghosts in Our Machines: Decoding and Encoding Bias (Lightning Talk)

Philipp von Essen & Tobias Kuhn

Knowledge Pixels

Open Science: Precision, Speed, and Trust for Scholarly Communication (Presentation)

Maximilian Vomhof


Open Material Data: Opportunities of an Open Data Environment for Material Data in Construction (Workshop)

Teresa Kubacka

ETHZ Library

Open Scholarly Metadata (Lightning Talk)

Neva Muslu & Marc Feldmann

Laux Lawyers

A Legal Take on Generative AI (Presentation)

Balz Oertli


Shedding Light on Campaign Donations: an Online Transparency Tool for Political Finance Data (Lightning Talk)

Sandra Becker

Wikimedia CH

Open Collections, Mapping, Images NC and CC 4.0 (Workshop)

Mattias Axell

Open Knowledge Sweden

International Panel on (Open) Data Policy (Slides)

Andreas Amsler & Florin Hasler


Swiss Parliamentary Data: Towards an Open Standard and API (Lightning Talk)

Dylan Muir & Vincent Bardenhagen

DataCross / CorrelAid Switzerland

Providing Volunteer Data-for-good Services with a Focus on Impact (Lightning Talk)

Hannes Ebner & Alex Akkila Forsberg


Interoperability with Linked Data (Presentation)

Charalampos Bratsas

Open Knowledge Foundation Greece

International Panel on (Open) Data Policy

Program and Timetable

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