The Prototype Fund fosters inclusion, transparency and democratic control

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We are excited to announce the six projects selected by the Prototype Fund jury. We are looking forward to supporting them to strengthen political participation in Swiss democracy! With baloti, people without voting rights can learn and experience Swiss direct democracy through mockup referendum votes in ten languages. strengthens transparency and democratic control over […]

Annual Report 2020

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In this annual report, we present the impact strategy and recent activities of This document serves our members and community as an overview of our goals and operations and helps to track our impact during the year 2020. For the first time, our annual report is structured in accordance with the Social Reporting Standard […]

GLAMhack 2020 – an online success

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GLAMhack 2020 – an online success The 6th edition of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon, carried out as an online event, took place on 5 and 6 June 2020 and gathered people from all over the world! The teams worked on 15 exciting projects, which are shortly summarized here. 1914 in a Timeline puts newspaper […]

On the Way to the Digital Utopia

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This year’s Forum – New Data Narratives is all about the future of open data. But when we talk about the digital future, too often the conversation drifts off into very bleak, dystopian scenarios: transparent citizens, US Conglomerates leeching on our personal data and ubiquitous control enabled by Artificial Intelligence. But we refuse to […]

Open Data Student Award 2020 Ausschreibung

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Open Data Student Award 2020 Offene Daten sind eine unabdingbare Folge der Digitalisierung. Darum haben sich die Vereine und CH Open entschlossen, einen Studierenden-Preis zu stiften. Dieser Preis steht für herausragende Anwendungen von offenen Daten in Lehre und Weiterbildung. Als Sponsoren mit dabei sind die SBB, die Swisscom, Die Post sowie Netcetera. Mit dem […]

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