Let’s Hack

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Spring is waking us up from our winter-lockdown-sleep and our minds are ready for action. Join us for one (or more) of our hackdays. Whether you’re interested in culture, tourism, journalism, energy, climate, farming, or sports, or if you’re just a fan of open data, we have a hackathon planned for you. GLAMhack 2021 hosted […]

Open Farming Hackdays 2020

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Vom 4. bis 5. September fanden die ersten Open Farming Hackdays am Landwirtschaftlichen Zentrum Liebegg statt. Elf neue Lösungsansätze In nur 36 Stunden wurden die folgenden elf neuen Prototypen für die Landwirtschaft von morgen kreiert. Die gesunde Kuh: Früherkennung von Krankheiten zur Reduktion von Medikamenten-Einsatz. Cow Value hilft bei der Entscheidung ob eine Kuh weiter […]

The Kitchen of Tomorrow is: Open

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Once again hackers, designers and food scientists got together to hack for a better food system: with less waste, easier choices and more climate awareness.           Let’s collaborate to make our kitchens more convenient & sustainable This was the main aspiration at the “Open Food Data x Smart Kitchen” Hackdays organised […]

Food Data Preparation Expedition!

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Food Data Preparation Expedition!

Learn to work with open data and help to prepare resources for the upcoming Open Food Data x Smart Kitchen Hackdays. We encourage people of all skill levels to take part in this event facilitated by the School of Data. The workshop will be followed by opendatabeer.ch from 18:30. Whether you are a data connaisseur […]

Open Data – the new Business Innovation Catalyst

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We’re excited that Heidi Gautschi, Gianluigi Viscusi and Christopher Tucci from EPFL took the first step in evaluating the concrete value of open data for business and innovation. In their newly conducted report on the role, value and impact of open data for businesses within the food system, they: outline exemplary companies and institutions publishing […]

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