On the Way to the Digital Utopia

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This year’s Opendata.ch/2020 Forum – New Data Narratives is all about the future of open data. But when we talk about the digital future, too often the conversation drifts off into very bleak, dystopian scenarios: transparent citizens, US Conglomerates leeching on our personal data and ubiquitous control enabled by Artificial Intelligence. But we refuse to […]

#VersusVirus Hackathon

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Dear friends of open data, From 3 April to 5 April, over a period of 48 hours, Swiss civil society came together to use their collective intelligence, inspiration and knowledge to come up with concrete solutions to the problems caused by the COVID19 pandemic crisis. The result was «the biggest sharing and caring experience that […]

‘Open Data Hackdays’ goes Tourism

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“Different sectors and disciplines need to come together in order to bridge the silos. It’s about creating something new together.”  – Martin Barth, CEO of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne The Open Data “Tourism edition” Hackdays were the first of their kind for Opendata.ch: The students from HSLU’s ‘Applied Information and Data Science’ class took […]

Opendata.ch/2019 Forum: Rück- und Ausblick

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Wir haben das Opendata.ch/2019 Forum am 4. Juli in Bern-Wankdorf im Format einer “Unconference” durchgeführt. Das Format hat es uns ermöglicht, vielfältige Informationen von unseren Teilnehmenden zu erhalten. Interessen, Erfahrungen und Feedbacks Fragen, Bedürfnisse, Themen und Herausforderungen Unsere nächsten Schritte Engagiere dich für die Ziele des Forums Visuelle Erinnerungen Interessen, Erfahrungen und Feedbacks 106 Teilnehmende […]

Open Data Student Award 2019

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On 4 July 2019, at the ninth annual Opendata.ch Forum, we announced the winner of the 2019 Opendata Student awards.  First of all, we would like to thank all participants for their effort in coming up with all the great projects that participated in last years competition. All of your ideas were very inspiring and […]

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