Open Data Day 3.3.2018

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Open Data Day 3.3.2018

Samstag, 3. März, ist Internationaler Tag der offenen Daten, und die Community von trifft sich dieses Jahr im Effinger in Bern (Anmeldung via Link) und bei IFRC in Genf (Anmeldung und Details folgen). Interaktive Displays werden die frischesten offenen Datenprojekte zeigen. Anrufe zu anderen Städten und Ländern werden organisiert, und wir nutzen die Gelegenheit, […]

Get ready for the Open Tourism Data Hackday

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On the 27. – 28. October 2017 we are hosting a hackathon in Arosa on the topic of innovation in and the future of tourism. Please visit for more info. To get prepared, take a look through presentations from the last conference, where the event was announced, notably the keynote by Pascal Jenny (@TDkonge) – Wie der […]

All good things #H4AW

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Thank you for being an awesome participant / follower / supporter of Hack for Ageing Well! In this post we recap the setup and workshops at the event – see here for all the results! Furthermore have a look at the original blogpost on  We experienced two great days at Startfeld St. Gallen, where the pace […]

You are invited to Hack for Ageing Well

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You are invited to Hack for Ageing Well

We are excited to announce Hack for Ageing Well, a two-day hackathon that we are organizing together with the Active and Assistive Living (AAL) programme, which will take place towards the end of September in St. Gallen. Ageing Well means staying healthy, independent and active at work or in our community during our whole life. […] The Excerpts

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Quotes and impressions from the morning of the 2016 edition of the conference. For all presentations and downloads click here. Text by Martina Kammermann, photography by Nicolas Fojtu, licensed CC BY 4.0. #people #machines #algorithms «Imagine a machine that is a hundred times smarter than you. You wouldn’t feel comfortable if this machine would […]