Mapathon #OpenStreetMap an den Tourismus Hackdays!

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Das detaillierte Programm des OpenStreetMap Mapathons vom Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017, steht euch hier zur Verfügung:

Get ready for the Open Tourism Data Hackday

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On the 27. – 28. October 2017 we are hosting a hackathon in Arosa on the topic of innovation in and the future of tourism. Please visit for more info. To get prepared, take a look through presentations from the last conference, where the event was announced, notably the keynote by Pascal Jenny (@TDkonge) – Wie der […]

Condatos 2017 and Abrelatam: Latin American Open Data Conference

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Until one month ago, I had the pleasure to work as a community manager for, co-coordinating the “Business Innovation food.opendata” and supporting different food-related open data projects that came out of the Open Food Hackdays in February 2017. In the beginning of August, I changed the scenery. For the coming year, I’m going to […]

Jetzt anmelden: Open Tourism Data Hackdays

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Abenteuer, Reisen, Ferien, Urlaub – Wörter, die unsere Herzen höher schlagen lassen. Aus diesem Grund freuen wir uns besonders, vom 27. – 28. Oktober 2017 in Arosa die MAKE Open Tourism Data Hackdays 2017 durchführen zu können. Bekanntlich verfolgen wir mit offenen Daten 3 übergeordnete Ziele: Transparenz, Innovation und Effizienz. Während wir uns mit den Election […]

Wikidata Workshop on September 14 in Zurich!

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  Are you interested in Wikidata? On September 14, Lea Lacroix, Cristina Sarasua and Rama will run a Wikidata workshop the day before HackZurich starts, at the University of Zurich. They’re going to explain what Wikidata is, and have hands-on sessions to learn how to code for and with Wikidata. Register now or get more information about the event. […]

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